Tabloo is for you and for everyone

Meeting with friends out on the terrace? Seeing a concert or a play while you're here? Enjoying a chance to stretch your legs while the children let off steam in the playground? Taking part in an activity with your favourite association? Or perhaps organising something yourself? 

Tabloo invites you to enjoy a visit here again and again and to make exciting initiatives possible. We offer numerous facilities to allow you to do this, not to mention bags of interest and enthusiasm!

Tabloo - Theaterzaal -  la salle de théâtre - Neutron

Could Tabloo host your activity?

With a theatre/auditorium, an outdoor events field, an exhibition room, and various multipurpose rooms, Tabloo is the perfect place to organise a wide variety of activities or events.
Click below to see an overview of all the options and contact us to find out how we could host your event.


Enjoy Bistroo

We'll bet that once you've tried Bistroo, you'll look forward to coming back! Where you can enjoy a drink or tuck into the latest seasonal lunch; where you can relax indoors or step out onto the large outdoor terrace with a view of the playground? It's up to you!
Did you know that you can also organise your party in Bistroo?

Discover Bistroo

What else is there to do in Tabloo?

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    Tabloo wants to welcome you back. After all, you surely won't have been able to see or discover everything in just one visit.

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    Park & Playground

    Stretch your legs in the park while the kids play to their hearts' content in the playground.

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    Repository Walk

    Find out whether the works on the radioactive waste repository have begun yet.

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    Follow the projects of ONDRAF/NIRAS via a digital panel and delved into the area's rich nuclear history.

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    Be amazed as you find out all of the exciting things to see, do and experience in the Antwerp Campine.

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    Step out onto the roof of Tabloo and experience how the landscape evolves through the seasons and over the years.

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    Cycling & Walking

    Take a breather while on your bike ride or walk and enjoy something tasty in Bistroo.

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    Need a break? There's always space to have a rest at the large picnic tables.

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    Plan your party

    You can organise a wide range of activities at Tabloo. And Bistroo is the perfect place for a party.

Practical information about Tabloo


Getting here

Gravenstraat 3, 2480 Dessel.
Charging facilities for electric bicycles and cars (3).



Ample free parking for bicycles, cars and coaches.



All areas accessible to buggies and wheelchair users.



To be sure of gaining entry, it is best to buy your ticket online. On-site electronic payment only. Schools and groups can request their visit in advance.


Opening hours

Tabloo is open on weekdays (9am–5pm) and on Sundays (10am–5pm). Last admission is at 4pm.



Free WiFi throughout the building. Cloakroom and lockers with electronic code.

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