Temporary exhibits

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Changing landscape

The Jakob Smits Museum and Tabloo are joining forces! From 5/02 to 11/06, you can admire the 'Landschap in verandering (Changing Landscape)' exhibition at Tempoo, Tabloo's temporary exhibition space.

How do humans impact the moorland landscape? Painter Jakob Smits was fascinated by this topic and created several works of art showcasing the Kempen Heath. No better location to encounter Jakob's changing landscape than in Tabloo, where modernity reigns supreme. Will we see you soon?


"ORDURES" - The exhibition that is all about sorting waste

With our planet being overwhelmed by waste, sorting waste is more important than ever!

It might go into the bin and be forgotten, but that doesn't get rid of our waste. Waste is everywhere: on the streets, in the forests, in the oceans ... even in space! It says a lot about our values, our choices and our lifestyles.
The exhibition addresses the major environmental, social and economic problems caused by our waste. In addition, the exhibition clarifies the concept of "waste" so that we can better understand its nature, risks, processing and impact, and it challenges us to take a critical view of consumer society.

The exhibition was created in cooperation with the MuCEM - the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisations located in Marseille and waste professionals such as ONDRAF/NIRAS.

Runs until 31 Dec. 2023
Open Tuesday to Sunday from 9.30am to 6pm - Closed on 1/05, 1/11 and 25/12