Central square

The central square is a covered indoor assembly space on the ground floor. This space is ideal for conferences, receptions, etc.
488 m² - 400 people

Tabloo - Centrumplein - Place centrale

This area is equipped with:

  • Wi-Fi


96*/ 120**/ 240***/ 480**** session  
240*/ 300**/ 600***/ 1200**** day
Assembly and dismantling:       
32*/ 40**/ 80***/ 160**** session

*  Clubs and private individuals from Dessel and Mol - weekly rate applicable on Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs., and Fri. (daytime)
** Clubs and private individuals from Dessel and Mol - weekend rate applicable on Fri. (evening), Sat., Sun., and bank holidays
***  Clubs and private individuals from outside Dessel and Mol
**** Companies

These rooms may not be used for dance parties.