Tabloo has a wide variety of rooms to hire for your activity. And Bistroo is also the perfect place to consider if you're planning a party.


Could Tabloo host your activity?

With a theatre/auditorium, an outdoor events field, an exhibition room, and various multipurpose rooms, Tabloo is the perfect place to organise a wide variety of activities or events.
Click below to see an overview of all the options and contact us to find out how we could host your event.

Our various rooms

Whether it's a workshop, a talk, a lecture or study day, a meeting, or even a film, a play or a musical performance: we will be pleased to host you in our meeting centre at Tabloo in Dessel.
  • Tabloo - Alfa - Zaal - La salle


    The Alpha room is a multipurpose room on the ground floor, with direct access to the nature reserve. 
    54 m² – 30 people

  • Tabloo - Alfa - Zaal - La salle


    The Beta room is a multipurpose room on the ground floor, with direct access to the nature reserve. 
    54 m² – 30 people

  • Tabloo - Gamma - Zaal - La salle


    The Gamma room is a multipurpose room on the ground floor close to the entrance.
    51 m² – 30 people

  • Tabloo - Proton - Zaal - La salle


    This multifunctional room is part of the theatre/auditorium, which can be partitioned off.
    It is located on the ground floor, with direct access to the central hall and the outdoor area.
    108 m² – 60 people

  • Tabloo - Theaterzaal -  la salle de théâtre - Neutron


    The Neutron auditorium forms part of the theatre, located on the ground floor, with direct access to the central hall. 166 m² – 202 seats (or 193 fixed seats and 5 wheelchair spaces)

  • Tabloo - Tempoo - Zaal - La salle


    The temporary exhibition space is located on the second floor.
    234 m² – max. 100 people

  • Tabloo - Centrumplein - Place centrale

    Central hall

    The central hall is a covered indoor assembly space on the ground floor. This space is ideal for conferences, receptions, etc.
    488 m² – 400 people

  • Tabloo - Evenementenweide - Aire événementielle

    Events field

    The events field measures 5 ha. At the back, Tabloo is surrounded by dense woodland, with countless opportunities for outdoor activities or events.
    50,000 m²

  • Tabloo -  Dakterras Panoo - Toit-terrasse Panoo

    Panoo rooftop terrace

    Rooftop terrace with a view of the nature reserve, outside on the third floor. The terrace is not covered.
    72 m² – 50 people

  • Tabloo - Buitenzone Proton - Espace extérieur Proton

    Proton outdoor zone

    This outdoor zone is directly adjacent to the Proton theatre room. Ideal for an audience for an open-air performance in the Proton room. Only possible in combination with the Proton room.
    200 m² – 200 people


Could Bistroo host your party?

Bistroo can host any party, with attention down to the last detail. From birthdays to family gatherings, from Communion to a spring celebration, from a baby shower to a wedding anniversary ... Contact us with your requirements and we'll provide you with an unforgettable event.

Practical information about Tabloo


Getting here

Gravenstraat 3, 2480 Dessel.
Charging facilities for electric bicycles and cars (3).



Ample free parking for bicycles, cars and coaches.



All areas accessible to buggies and wheelchair users.



To be sure of gaining entry, it is best to buy your ticket online. On-site electronic payment only. Schools and groups can request their visit in advance.


Opening hours

Tabloo is open on weekdays (9am–5pm) and on Sundays (10am–5pm). Last admission is at 4pm.



Free WiFi throughout the building. Cloakroom and lockers with electronic code.