Tabloo is an initiative of ONDRAF/NIRAS, together with the partnerships STORA and MONA and their respective municipalities of Dessel and Mol. SCK CEN has also contributed towards developing the expo.



ONDRAF/NIRAS is the agency responsible for the safe management of radioactive waste and enriched fissile materials in Belgium. It also takes partial responsibility for the remediation and dismantling of decommissioned nuclear plants. In addition, ONDRAF/NIRAS invests in knowledge by deciding on research programmes and integrating their results into its operations. It also makes policy proposals to the Government and engages in dialogue with society in order to create support for solutions. Finally, ONDRAF/NIRAS ensures that the division of the financial burden is in keeping with the principle of 'the polluter pays'.

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STORA is the study and consultation group that monitors all nuclear-related matters in the municipality of Dessel on behalf of the community, with the involvement of local residents. STORA was formed as a non-profit organisation by 70 local people from Dessel who together represent the local community, local businesses, and local political sphere. The group monitors the planned disposal of low- and intermediate-level and short-lived waste from Belgium in Dessel. In particular, it monitors the fulfilment of the societal conditions imposed by the local community in Dessel when it accepted the proposal to dispose of the waste on municipal territory.

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The non-profit organisation MONA is composed of residents of Mol who monitor the planned disposal of low- and intermediate-level short-lived waste from Belgium. The volunteers in MONA monitor not only the technical aspects of this project, but also the fulfilment of the societal conditions imposed at the time when the plans for disposal were accepted. MONA also closely follows the wider issues of nuclear waste. MONA vzw has been a key part of the local community for over 20 years now and its volunteers represent many different facets of society.

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SCK CEN, the Belgian Nuclear Research Centre, is a global leader in nuclear research, services, and training. Driven by a passion for science and innovation, SCK CEN works in a future-orientated way towards achieve a better society. Its research activities focus on the major issues, including the safe operation of nuclear plants, protection against radiation, and cancer prevention. SCK CEN offers practical solutions for societal challenges, and as part of this, the research centre shares its expertise with the wider public. SCK CEN designed and built the section of the expo on 'research into nuclear applications'.

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About Tabloo

  • gebouw


    Curious as to how Tabloo came about? Where did the idea come from and why is Tabloo located in Dessel?

  • radioactief


    Would you like to find out more about radioactivity and learn about radioactive waste management?

  • Tabloo - Expoo - Lift naar geologische berging


    Immerse yourself in an invisible world and experience radioactivity through fun, interactive exhibits.






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